Thunderheads Strike at ODA


Sports teams such as swimming, cross country, golf and Tennis, are keenly aware that their fan attendance is non existent. With the help of the Thunderheads, this will no longer be the case for these teams.

Thunderheads is a new club that was launched at ODA this year. It is sponsored by Mrs. Betz and Mrs. Murphy, but the goal is for the club to be completely student driven. The group couldn’t be led by two better faculty. Mrs. Betz used to run a club with similar goals when she taught at Venice High school and Mrs. Murphy loves ODA and all the students, she even helped start a senior and freshman big/little program. Mrs. Betz has gotten faculty involved by having the team members choose a faculty member to be their coach for a game, and Mrs. Mandel is the announcer.

“Mrs. Murphy and I are hoping that we can help the students make Thunderheads a fun, exciting, and involved club to be a part of that all students benefit from, whether it’s extra fans at your game, posters to advertise events, or organizing the Sports Banquet at the end of the year,” says faculty adviser, Mrs. Betz.

The Thunderheads hope to spread school spirit to all of the students. The members of the club are encouraged to support teams on our campus and at nearby away games.

Sophomore, Chloe Militzer, says “she realizes some of our meets are far away, but coming up soon, there is a meet near the Westfield mall which is close so there should be some fans! The relays are the best part to watch and the people cheering get the most excited.”

“The fans help them strive for greatness,” offers senior Jimmy Kuebler.

Thunderheads will do their best to support all athletes in every sport, all three seasons. There are many other ways to get involved.

In addition to just being a Thunderhead, there is also an opportunity for students to represent their grade in the ‘student athlete council’, a division of the Thunderheads club.  In the council will report to Mrs. Crouch and work on helping increase participation in events across campus and help organize events that benefit athletes such as the sports banquet at the end of the year.

Along with that, will come more responsibility, but if you are passionate about your school and athletics, why not join?

It is not too late to join the club and spread the wealth of spirit. The Thunderheads need you!