Film Club Excites Students

Film Club Excites Students

Imagine watching movies for fun with a group of people during lunch! Well, if that sounds like your idea of fun, then the Film Club is the perfect place for you.

Started by two students, Seniors Ben Edelman and Nick Pearce, the film club basically covers everything about films.

“I started film club because of my love and passion for film. I think that movies and cinema are important, and that not enough people know of/ seen some classic films such as Jaws and Citizen Kane.In the club we learn about film, film techniques, film history, movie facts, watch production footage, and discuss films.  Also we plan to watch movies outside of school as a group,” says Edelman.

Dedicated members of the club seem to like the club’s progress so far this school year.

“We analyze films and appreciate them for the directors. We watched Actualities, which are like the first films ever made,” says Senior, Tom Wiles.

Hopes for the future is for the club to continue watching and analyzing films, welcome new members, and get a better education about all of the wonderful film products made.

Feel free to talk to members to hear more about their experience. New members always welcome.