Ping Pong Thunders in the Dome at Lunch

As you walk into the Thunderdome foyer at lunch, you might find an intense game of ping pong with a crowd watching and cheering. The room is filled with noise and competition.

The brand new, student-founded Ping Pong Club has gotten off to a good start.

Club founders, Juniors Sam Hajduk and Robbie Kramer, say there has been lots of positive feedback about the club thus far.

“It is cool because you get to meet new people and have fun during lunch,” says Junior, Wendy Tan.

But the club isn’t all about fun. In fact, the Ping Pong Club has a serious eye on competitive play through its tournaments.

“I am in the club but Sam hasn’t put me in a tournament yet. I think there should be a looser bracket,” says Junior, Sydney Avery.

Other members of the community have been drawn to the club and the spirit of tournament competition.

“I am not in the club, but I play anyway,” says Senior, Lisa Hoffman.

“I haven’t been to the club yet, but I love ping pong,” says Junior Balia Bongoura.

“I don’t know what happens when they win. It’s over, I guess,” says Hadjuk.

Whether you crave an active escape from sitting in classes during lunch or the attention of doting fans as you slam that ping pong ball across the table court, check out one of this year’s hottest clubs: Ping Pong.