Club Ovation Excites Students


Ms. Giraud

Joey Coco, Alex Seftas, Todd Humphrey, and Parke Phillips gather to learn more about the Thespian Society.

Each year, students learn about new clubs in an assembly where student leaders speak about their club in a boring manner, and then pass the microphone off to the next student leader.

Today, students reinvented the Club Ovation and transformed the excitement of joining of clubs from sitting and hearing speeches about why to join the certain club, to a college-style interactive overview.

This Wednesday’s Ovation was different than any other club orientation. As students filed in to the gym, they saw an array of tables decorated according to the specific club. Each table had anything from sign up sheets and candy, to signs relating the theme of the club. In this format, many students signed up for clubs, growing each club dramatically.

“I organized it so I thought it went very well. It reflected the college style of clubs. I already have 75 people signed up for ping pong, which is crazy,” says Mr. Seldis.

“It was fun to see all the new clubs and it was cool to be in charge of a club for the first time! I hope this becomes an annual thing. I ran the Helping Hands Photography Club,” says Miller Condrack. Helping Hands is a club that photographs events for free for the ODA community and beyond.

Some student leaders of the club claimed they liked the format, but it didn’t give them a chance to see any of the other clubs.

“A lot of people came and I didn’t get to see any other clubs. I run the Adventure Club,” says Noah Blumenthal. The Adventure Club is a club that will organize events for students like hiking and kayaking.

Other students really enjoyed the format and think it should be a tradition.

“It was cool to walk around and get information about clubs in person, rather than just seeing it on a piece of paper,” says Liz Gaukhman.

“I loved the new format,” says Dana Saltz.

“It want fun and interesting. Some meet once a month, some once a week, some not at all. I look forward to attending meetings,” says Wendy Tan.

It seems to be that all students and faculty liked the new format. Lunch time is sure to be a busy time as club meetings get rolling. What a great way to start the club year!