Students Adjust to the New School Year

photo.2.1As the school year gets going, students are beginning to adjust the new year. With blended classes, new teachers, and a later start, getting back into the routines of school can be an adjustment.

Blended classes are blended, which means that they only meet less than four days a week. The other classes during the week are spent somewhere outside of class, doing work.

It’s really good because it teaches you how to manage your time,” says Sydney Avery.

There are many new teachers this year, including Mrs. Timothy (History), Mrs. Hoff (Chorus), Mr. Militzer (Physics), and Mrs. Bucci (Math).

“Everyone is so nice and I feel so welcomed. I feel like I’m at home. Some students like to call me Mrs. Gucci,” says Mrs. Bucci.

“Mr.Militzer is just really fun. He always engages you in class and makes it feel like Physics isn’t such a stressful thing” says Junior, Madeline Naylor.

With blended courses starting and getting used to new teachers, a later start time offers yet another thing to adapt to this year.  With the day ending 30 minutes later, students must get extra help in the morning, instead of in the afternoon.

“It was easy to adjust  to the morning time, but the time classes end is too late because it affects sports. I don’t have enough time for extra help after school because sports start directly after school,” says Junior, Miller Condrack.

Others claim that the time schedule is easy to adjust to, but that classes are quite difficult.

“My classes are very hard this year, but the schedule is easy to adapt to,” says Junior, Dana Saltz.

Rigorous classes, new teachers, blended format, and a later start are forcing students to adjust quickly to the new school year. If you are having trouble adjusting to the new changes, don’t worry, you’ll adapt in no time.