Students and Faculty Share Highlights of 2013-2014


The Class of 2015, winners of Thunder Cup!

As the last days of school are approaching it is hard to believe that the school years is coming to a close. There were many memories shared throughout the school year and here are some of the students’ most memorable moments.

“Remaining sane throughout was honestly my biggest accomplishment this year,” says Joie Eckard, a junior.

Taylor Albano says the best part of her year was “Being district champs in volleyball and lacrosse! It was definitely the best part of my year. I love my teams and can’t wait for next year’s seasons.”

“I had a lot of fun during Spring Break…I got to relax with my friends by the beach in the paradise we live in. It was wonderful,” Olivia White says of her favorite memory this year.

English teacher, Mr. Lemieux shared his three favorite parts about this year. “All my classes, the time spent in the literary magazine club, and practicing for the Rolling Stones concert with faculty.”

“The highlight of this year for me was winning Thunder Cup! I’m so glad we won it again and I can’t wait to win it again next year,” reflects Student Body President, Katie Lang.

Junior Reanna Gregory’s favorite part of this year was winning the county track meet in high jump coming in first place! “I was so happy I worked so hard all season and it all paid off.”

Academic Dean, Ms. Evans who just this year got and adorable toy poodle, says, “I really liked how the community embraced my puppy, Touissant, and how they welcomed him here and the students made him feel special.”

Lover of theater, Junior Cammy Harris’ favorite part of this year was “Nikki Lasalla’s production, Impromptu. It was a really cool way to do the show and was a lot different from what ODA usually produces. It was a cool experience because it was a shorter show, so we could go into more depth than usual.”

As exams are upon us and summer is right around the corner, we wish everyone the best of luck and a happy relaxing summer, creating more memorable moments!