Junior Bigs are Revealed to their Littles

Junior Bigs are Revealed to their Littles

Mazes, ice cream, new friends and adorable photos; what better way could students imagine spending a 20 minute Ovation period. On Wednesday May 15, juniors and eighth graders spent their Ovation period doing just that.

The junior class entered the Black Box Theater where there were string tangles all over the floor with name tags spread out along the string. The juniors found their names on the string and stood there eagerly waiting for their Littles to enter.

Once the Littles entered and found their name tags, the search began. The string was tangled; it was the job of the juniors and eighth graders to untangle the strings and find each other. After the Big and the Little found each other, they left the Black Box to get name tags, a photo, and ice cream from TCBY.

“She gave me a Russian friendship bracelet and made me a card thanking me for the candy I gave her and the decorations. It was very thoughtful,” said Junior Joie Eckard about her Little.

Eighth grader McKinleigh Rutledge said, “Unwinding the string was fun.  It didn’t feel weird when we first met them. They were really nice.”

“The ice cream was good! I can tell that my little and I are really going to bond,” said junior Jake Romine.

Eighth grader Olivia Coleman said that the best part of the program will be, “When we are freshman, we will have people [upperclassmen] to talk to and it won’t be awkward.”

The whole event was a success and everyone seemed to have a great time meeting and getting to know their Littles and Bigs.

Hopefully everyone will keep in touch with their Littles and Bigs throughout the summer and be even closer by the start of the 2014-2015 school year.