Who’s Your Momma?


It’s that time of the year again. Exam time.

Despite exams and loads of work, however, students need to make sure not to forget one the year’s best Hallmark holidays: Mother’s Day.

On the lower campus, the 2nd grade has been creating a tradition for the day for years: The Mother’s Day Tea.

“The tradition started with a former second grade teacher, Phyllis Keyser.  We have continued it because it is the only time we honor moms completely.  We have breakfast, sing a song, and present gifts.  Moms and children dress up like they are having tea with the queen.”

“It definitely is one of our most popular events because moms love to dress up and have it all about them for once.  I have been hosting this tea for eight years and moms still rave about it,” says Sean McDonald.

In the Upper School, students are recognizing the day in a variety of ways.

“I am buying my mom flowers and giving a hug and being nice. I also will tell her I love her and express my love for her, ” says sophomore, Liz Gaukhman.

“I am going to give her a card and cook her breakfast, ” says freshman, Nicole Vitiello.

“I am giving my mother Starbucks. Absolutely Starbucks,” says sophomore, Peyton Vaughn.

“I am giving my mom Chick-Fil-A and First Watch,” says sophomore, Bianca Guidotti.

Whether you are making your mom breakfast in bed, making her a card, or just simply wishing her “Happy Mother’s Day,” your actions will mean the world to her.

Now that you have remembered that it is Mother’s Day this Sunday, you might want to get going on a gift.

Good luck and Happy Mother’s Day!