Is Senior Parking up for Grabs?

Is Senior Parking up for Grabs?

I am pulling into school at 7:30 in the morning only to see a sophomore parking their car in my sister’s spot that she told me I could park in. I get out of my car, confront him, and all he has to say is “I was here first.”

I continue to explain to him that my sister, the one who lives across the hall from me, told me that I had the rights to her spot for the rest of the year.

But the officially unanswered question remains: who has the rights to senior parking?  

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When the class of 2014 began the school year, they received the privilege of parking in the front area of the parking lot. Now that the seniors have finished their last official day on campus last Friday, April 26, the upcoming seniors and the rest of ODA’s driving population are curious about who is allowed to park in the designated “senior parking” area.

When asked whose parking this should be, graduating senior David Grain strictly said, “Only seniors can park here.”

This poses the question of who are the real seniors now.

Rising senior, Joie Eckhard, says, “I think it should be passed down to the juniors instead of sophomores just thinking they can claim it.”

Sophomores Peyton Vaughn and Bianca Guidotti said, “Seniors who are taking AP’s should be parking there and everyone else can just claim their friend’s spots. Anyone can be there.”

Sophomore Jon Eichenbaum highlights the problem by saying, “This is seriously a problem every year.”

To clarify this issue, Head of Upper School, Mrs. Dougherty explained that the seniors cannot show up to school at 11:00 o’clock and expect their spot to be available.

While talking about how this issue has been addressed in the past, Mrs. Dougherty said, “We’ve never ever really had this conversation or thought about this. All we’ve made clear is to the seniors ‘your parking is not yours anymore’, but we have never made any steps further than that.”

When asked if the junior class should consult the graduating seniors on whether they can take their spots, Mrs. Dougherty replied, “No. We don’t have time to do that. They are not on campus and you guys are not responsible for how is in APs and who is not.”

Mrs. Dougherty also added that, “As has been the case in the past, on that last day of school, the senior class has been released.”

The junior class believes that if anyone should have this parking area, it should be them.

The sophomore class, on the other hand, thinks that the parking is not specifically designated to any grade and should be open to everyone.

Keep in mind, the decision that is made this year will reflect next year’s decision. If the sophomores park in senior parking at the end of this year, then they must be open to the rising sophomores sharing the parking with them next year.

Also, the junior class should keep in mind that if they receive the rights to senior parking now, then the rising juniors will receive the same privileges at the end of next year.

The controversy will be resolved Friday morning at assembly, when Mrs. Dougherty will clarify who has the right to park in senior parking.

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