The Juniors’ Thunder Cup Overflows

The Juniors Thunder Cup Overflows

After egg toss, food competitions, ice block, and many more challenges, the juniors pulled through for an unprecedented second year win, taking the 2014 Thunder Cup!

Sophomores, freshman, and seniors all are flummoxed by the fact that they once again can’t seem to beat this year’s juniors.

“We need to make a comeback and our grade needs to actually try,” says freshman, Amber Bond.

“We totally should have won. ¬†Next year, we are going to stop them from winning their third year in a row. I think it was all just luck,” says sophomore, Lizzy Chapin.

Maybe it was just pure luck for the juniors, but they claim that their class has great teamwork, and everyone is really connected.

The last day of school, juniors will again be treated to a day at Adventure Island as their reward for winning this year’s Thunder Cup.