Art Swings into ODA

Art Swings into ODA

Did you ever think that when you went to the back of ODA that you might come across homemade teepees?

The eighth grade art class has started a huge construction project in the back of ODA. They have been lashing, weaving and carving to create an art project for Mr. Madres.  In groups, the students are building anything from teepees to catapults. All the resources they are using are coming straight from the woods behind the school.

Hunter Chalhue an eight grader who is taking part in this activity said “we wove palm fronds from the woods with strings and made the sides of our teepees with them.”

Natalie Buffett said “ I think its cool that the eight graders can make such detailed things out of nothing.”

As one of the more impressive projects there is a fully functional swing set made from logs and rope.

Keep an eye out for the progress still to come with the eighth graders’ projects.