May the Curve Be Ever in Your Favor

May the Curve Be Ever in Your Favor

It’s time to grab your venti espressos, #2 pencils, and if you’re me, a large tub of peanut butter. That’s right. It’s our favorite time of year again high schoolers. It’s Finals time. If you’re panicking, have no fear. You still have a few weeks to cram everything you ever learned about during the year into your head, before you inevitably have to dump it onto a page. Let’s just be thankful ODA only makes us take one exam a day or maybe two if you’re taking multiple classes in the same subject.

So unless you want to risk losing everything you’ve worked for, burn this schedule onto your arm with a soldering iron.

Wednesday May 21st


Thursday May 22nd


Friday May 23rd


Tuesday May 27th


Wednesday May 28th


Happy Finals everyone! May the curve be ever in your favor.