Easter Seals Dines With ODA Sophomores

Easter Seals Dines With ODA Sophomores

Did you wonder why there were two vans of Easter Seals’s students in the Arts Building on Thursday March 20? It was because the sophomores threw a pizza party for their Easter Seal’s partners as part of a final celebration of the 10th grade Biography Project. The Biography Project is a project in which ODA sophomores are paired with a student from Easter Seals and told to create a “gift of biography.”

The Easter Seals project is about building a bridge with someone who may have trouble communicating, and having a rewarding experience. The final day of presenting the projects is not just about eating lunch, it’s about celebrating the relationships that have been created.

During lunch last Thursday March 20, sophomores had their final visit with their Easter Seals partners, where they presented their biography gift that they have created. The gifts ranged from poster boards with pictures to a CD or a handmade book that represented the biography of the person.

Former students who have completed the project, such as Ashley Munroe, Senior, say that it is very rewarding to watch all the Easter Seals students receive their gift. She said one of the biggest challenges was “looking for different ways and techniques to find a way for the person to open up who has trouble communicating. It was difficult but rewarding.”

Ashley added the young woman she was partnered with “was very shy and not willing at firs to open up, so we had to find out certains things about her. We talked about Justin Beiber with her and she opened up. It was rewarding because they’re happy to have someone to relate to. It was exciting.

“I enjoyed the experience. I though the final project was fun,” says Lizzy Chapin, Sophomore.

Mrs. Armor, the literature teacher, has been experiencing this project for the first time. “I am excited that the Sophomores get to be hosts for their Easter Seals partner. Their partnership is two-sided and it’s not just learning about them, but them learning about us,” says Mrs. Armor.

Next year, the English Department looks forward to another great year working with Easter Seals. Who knows what next years’s sophomores and their partners will bring?