Blue Papers “Controlling our Lives”


Blue papers are flying with signatures and applications are being rushed around between teachers. ODA juniors are stressing out about signing up for their classes starting next fall.

The college counselors, Mr. Runge and Mr. Harding, are encouraging their students to take one of each core class. These include math, english, history, language, and science, but juniors are questioning the reasoning behind taking each of these classes.

Sarah Karp, a junior, is planning to pursue a career in the English and writing department in college, so she wonders why taking a science class is necessary. Some may argue that having a well-rounded student is beneficial, but when applying for an English major, science seems irrelevant.

“I don’t see why I should have to take a science when the state of Florida does not require a fourth year of science. It just doesn’t make sense to me. On the other hand I am dropping a language to take two math classes and two science classes. This gives me a big head start when it comes to taking math and science classes in college,” admits Karp.

There is also a large selection of electives available to take next school year. Teachers have started to offer blended classes and more focused, subject-area classes. Students and faculty alike are excited about the new offerings.

If you are confused about how your classes will work out next year, go see your college counselors for help. They will guide you to the most competitive schedule to prepare you for college admissions.