Conference Day Enlightens Students


You may think Thursday is a day off of school to relax and stay as far away from school as possible. However, students and their parents or guardians are required to attend a meeting with their advisor to discuss schedules for next year. It may be a hassle to wake up early and get to school, but it will be worth it once your schedule is figured out.

Meetings take around twenty minutes each, in which students and their advisor will discuss the difficulty level of classes, electives available, and amount of study hall’s that are needed for the specific student. It is also a time to enter the student’s schedule onto the official website so that it is official.

Some students believe that the conference is a waste of time and not necessarily needed because they already have their schedule figured out. They claim that they already know themselves well enough to figure out in what ways they want to challenge themselves. For them, they believe that they could be at home studying or catching up on sleep instead of discussing what they already know.

“I think that conferences aren’t really needed unless the student actually needs help figuring out the schedule. It’s dumb,” argues Liz Gauhkman, sophomore.

Other students enjoy the day off, but claim that they don’t need to attend their conference.

“I like conference day. I think that is is useful, “says Lizzy Chapin.

“I am looking forward to sitting down with my students and hearing their goals for themselves, ” says Mrs. Armor.

No matter how you feel about the conference, whether you enjoy it or not, it IS important to attend so that your classes get entered in the system.