Spring Forward and Fall Backwards

Spring Forward and Fall Backwards

Every year when Spring and Fall arrive, people are in one of two moods. When time is pushed back in the Fall, most people are happy and think the extra hour of sleep is beneficial. Whereas in the Spring, many people have more of a negative reaction to the time being pushed forward, because they are much more tired and grouchy than usual.

Daylight saving time dates all the way back to 1784 where Ben Franklin proposed the idea to move time forward an hour, in order to conserve candles. The idea wasn’t put into effect until World War I, to preserve money for the war effort.

Some sources today, however, question the idea of Daylight Savings. Does it really even conserve energy? Some say that it not only uses more energy, but the U.S. is also wasting money as well.

When the clocks get pushed forward in the Spring, it gives people more time to shop, drive, cook, drive and also allows sports to go later than normal times. Everything that humans do in their everyday lives is not cut back an hour, it’s just moved forward.

There are several ways at looking at daylight savings:

Junior, Francisco Marcano, said, “I think it’s great when the clocks get pushed back, because we get an extra hour of sleep that believe it or not does benefit us during the course of the day. When the clock gets pushed forward, it’s still not bad because it’s lighter out longer, and that means I can play more golf!”

“When the clocks go back, it is amazing because the extra hour of sleep does really help.” Junior Austin Hoppe said, “but when they are pushed forward for spring it’s rough.”

Right now ODA students are almost a full week into daylight savings, and most have adjusted their sleeping patterns back to normal.

Junior, Megan Jones said, “It really doesn’t bother me now, it was a hassle at first to wake up an hour earlier, but now I like it. There is more time during the day to do things like run, play tennis, and hangout with friends.

“It feels so weird,” junior Ben Edelman says. “It is so dark out when I drive to school now.”

Even though most of the population doesn’t like “spring forward”, we all still adjust to the time eventually. The time change brings a slight mix to your week, that can be beneficial to you. The day is still going and it won’t get dark till later, so go and play. Take advantage of the sunlight!