Pi Day Mathematizes ODA Students

Pi Day Mathematizes ODA Students

Friday, 3-14-14, is not just any ordinary day. In fact, for many math enthusiasts, it is a special day known as Pi Day.

“I think Pi Day is a good way to apply the real world to the math we are learning. The students know the formulas for pi but most don’t know why they work. This year, we are working on giving out pie,” says Mr. Singer.

Pi is an irrational number that goes on forever and ever, because mathematicians have not found an end. The improper fraction 22/7 started it all. When divided, you get 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375… “π” has been calculated to over 1 trillion digits without ending.

To celebrate Pi Day, many schools encourage various Pi Day traditions including baking pies, having pi memorization competitions, and calculating pi.

Sophomore, Sierra VanSuch, memorized over 2,000 digits of pi. She says she finds patterns in the numbers which help her remember, though it is hard to explain how she finds these patterns. She began learning the 2,000 digits in middle school.

If you are not good at memorization, and you are too lazy to bake a pie, you could appear knowledgable by stating these random pi day facts:

1. π and “p” are both the 16th letter of the alphabet in both the Greek and American alphabet.

2. Pi day is Albert Einstein’s birthday.

3. Pi day should be celebrated even greater at 1:59 p.m (hence the 3.14159)

No matter if you celebrate Pi Day or not, get in the spirit, and have some pi(e)-whichever form you decide to have.