Mr. Bernsen Makes ODA History

Mr. Bernsen Makes ODA History

You may think  a history teacher is just a history teacher, with a boring past and boring future, however, Mr. Bernsen, the 9th and 10th grade history teacher has had an exhilarating life with adventure bursting through his blue shirt (the one he normally wears) and tie.

Mr. Bersen attended high school in Connecticut, where he became interested in, not teaching, but politics. When he attended college in Ohio, he majored in political science. He attended grad school in Canada, where he enrolled in a “History of Ideas” program, and earned his masters degree. This is where he met his wife, Amanda, who Mr.Bernsen refers to as “the sweetest thing in the world.”

When Mr. Bernsen got out of grad school, he had to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. He decided that instead of becoming a history teacher, he would enter the investment industry and work with finance. He moved to London, where he lived in a little village, and joined Wachovia Securities, a well-known finance company in London. Mr. Bernsen was responsible for marketing in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

After 10 years of finance, Mr. Bernsen began to get tired of the industry. As he yearned for a career change, he decided to revert to what he originally imagined he might one day do…teach.

He began teaching history, from Houston to Florida.

His hobbies include reading, cooking, bird-watching, studying literature, and history. His favorite books include My Earth Life by Winston Churchill and Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.

As for cooking, Mr. Bernsen likes Asian and Mexican cuisine the most. His favorite dishes range from Thai coconut curry to mole.

When Mr. Bernsen is not cooking or reading, he can be found bird watching. His favorite bird to watch is an owl, “because they are very rare.”

For Bernsen, however, bird watching isn’t all rare birds and binoculars. “The other day a female cardinal was bumping against three different windows in the same day, and it creeped me out when I thought it was trying to attack me,” recalls Mr. Bernsen.

To pursue his hobbies, Mr. Bernsen enjoys spending his summers in the Smoky Mountains where he reads, cooks, bird watches, and hikes.

And if you didn’t know, Mr. Bernsen has a comedic side, as he says, “I only know three jokes, but they don’t deserve repeating. So far this year I’ve told two, and the last one is a secret.”

If you haven’t talked to Mr. Bernsen yet, stop by because he can help you with anything from finance to bird watching. If you get a chance, enroll in one of his classes for next year. The course is sure to be interesting.