Keeping the Campus Clean

Keeping the Campus Clean

When you see a water bottle or empty chip bag laying in the hallway, do you pick it up? Or do you just walk past it as if you did not see it?

The Campus Conscious group is making an effort to encourage students to pick up that water bottle or chip bag, and improve the tidiness of our campus. The members of this group gave a brief presentation on Wednesday, elaborating on what the group’s intentions are and introduced a new way of keeping our campus clean.

“We are not here to punish, judge, or give consequences, or act as the ‘trash police,'” said Mr. Singer, one of the teachers advising the groups.

As many of you may know, sometimes groups or companies of the community can “claim a highway” or particular area that they volunteer to keep clean. Well, here at Out-of-Door each advisory has been assigned a specific part of campus in which they will keep clean.

Ashley Munroe, one of the students who represented the Campus Conscious group in assembly Wednesday, said, “I think if people are willing to do it and willing to put the time and effort into doing it, it will be effective. I don’t think it will if the advisors don’t enforce it.”

A member of the junior class says, “I really don’t think it should be that difficult to keep our campus clean. As long as people are making sure they pick up after themselves and don’t leave their trash around, we should see a great improvement in the cleanliness of our campus.”

If you have any creative suggestions for the Campus Conscious group or would like to be a part of it, you can talk to Ms. Gaffney, Mr. Singer, Mrs. Young (aka Ms. Porello), or Mrs. Walsh.