Thunder Falls Short of a Shot at the Finals

Thunder Falls Short of a Shot at the Finals

On Wednesday night the Thunder played Sarasota Christian’s Blazers at St. Stephens, and unfortunately fell short of winning.

The Blazers came out strong in the first half scoring three goals and not letting the Thunder take more than eight shots on each goal.  The Thunder had a few strong breakaways by Tait Lystad, and Mark Sulimirski, but the boys failed to put the ball past the goalie.

At the half, the Blazers lead the Thunder 3-0.

In the second half, the Thunder came out strong. The 4-4-2 offense was firing balls at the Blazers’ goalie almost every drive. Even though the Thunder kept driving the ball down field, the outstanding Blazer defense would not let up.

By the end of the second half the Thunder had worked harder than they did the first, but it still wasn’t enough to defeat the Blazers. Sarasota Christian won the game by a score of 3-0, and will advance to the district semi-final game next week.

The varsity soccer team may have concluded their season this year, but they will be back for more next fall!