The Thunder Plans to Take Down The Blazers



As the season comes to a near end for most teams, the Thunder plans to keep on play. Tonight a semi-final game, ODA vs. Sarasota Christian, is set to be played at St. Stephens Episcopal School @ 5p.m.

The Thunder will go into this game with a season win/loss/draw ratio of 10-6-1, but split games 1-1 with Sarasota Christian. Although both teams are somewhat evenly matched, The Thunder players feel confident going into tonight’s game.

Junior, Mark Sulimirski said, “It’s going to be a pretty chilly game tonight, but we are physically and mentally prepared for for any conditions, and I think we will pull through with a victory tonight.”

The Thunder plans to play a 4-4-2 offense tonight, meaning four forwards, four mid-fielders, and 2 defenders, with mighty Angus Martin in goal.  Having this type of positioning will help the Thunder keep possession of the ball amongst their mid-fielders and forwards. This gives them more opportunities for break aways and more shots on net.

“If we tread the grass to see the sun amongst the darkness, we will gain the independence, grab the flag of hope, and swim through the valley of reason.” Junior Captain, Carson Jungers said, “If we can do that, then we will execute plays properly, and get the victory tonight for Narnia.”

Senior captain Tait Lystaid gave us a few words, “We have a lot of younger guys that have really stepped up this season, and their progression throughout the season has been magnificent. Tonight could be my last high school game ever, but i’m confident in my team and I believe we can pull of the win!”

Wish them luck, and Go Thunder!