Overcome the speedbumps


When most people think of Ms. Frye, they think math. But many people don’t know the story behind Ms. Frye’s accomplishments and how she arrived at ODA.

Ms. Frye  grew up in a small town in central Florida. When she  was in middle school, her family moved around a lot because of her dad’s job. Her dad owned a store sort of like Target that has many locations.  Whenever they would get a new store in a new place, they would move to that area. When Ms.Frye was a young teen, her father got a promotion and the family moved permanently to New York City.

Ms. Frye’s best friend through high school had a brother named Steve. One year, she became good  friends with him when he returned from college. Their friendship endured distance when she left for college. She made the decision to attend Florida State in Tallahassee. While on a trip with her mother, Ms. Frye learned of the tragic news that her dear friend Steve had committed suicide. She couldn’t focus on her classes, so she moved back in with her parents in New York.

She wandered in the big city alone for a while, until she realized she wanted to go back to college to continue her plan to become a math teacher.

“Everyone will have speed bumps in life, but that doesn’t mean you won’t finish your plan.” Her journey began again with a fresh start.

Life is difficult, but if people surround themselves with loving friends, life can be good.