There’s a First Time for Everything!

As the New Year has rolled in, so have new experiences! Over Christmas break, many students in the junior class part took in some activities for the first time and have decided to share them with the ODA Community.

Junior, Taylor Albano, went skiing and snowboarding for the first time and says it was an “eventful  and fun time.” Taylor went to Lake Tahoe, Nevada along with her good friend Sam Emmons, and her family.

“I fell a lot in the beginning but after the first day it was a lot more fun once I started to get the hang of it. “I liked snow boarding a lot more I found it to be a lot easier, which isn’t common for most people. I really want to go back to Tahoe it was so much fun.”


Taylor took this photo of one of the many gorgeous views she saw while snowboarding on the slopes.

Abby Bannar, also went skiing for the first time. She went to Michigan with her family and said, ” I loved it it was great!” Abby also did not participate in any sort of ski school or have any instruction, but was able to pick up the activity quite quickly on her own. Abby and her family are thinking about planning another ski trip for the up coming break in February.

Bianca Tengerdy took a trip to Minnesota with her family over Christmas break. While she visited, she was able to go snow mobiling for the first time.

“It was a lot of fun, and it was so cold. It was negative 17 degrees.” Bianca went with her uncle and other family members venturing through trails for 600 miles. Bianca looks forward to doing it again the next time she goes to Minnesota in the winter.

Natalie Buffett actually had a quite traumatic experience on her Christmas Eve, involving an ambulance showing up to her house. It was the first time such an occurrence has happened in the Buffett household. Yikes! A family friend slipped on some water on the floor. As a result of her fall, she broke her jaw and lost a few teeth. The ambulance came to Natalie’s house and rushed her dear friend to the hospital.

She is now in good care and will be on medication for the next couple of weeks in order heal her injuries.

“Only at the Buffett family Christmas would and ambulance be called,” Natalie says.

Another junior, Reanna Gregory, enjoyed her first time at a dine-in movie theater while visiting family in Indiana. She went to see a movie at a  theater in town with her mom, and realized once she arrived at the movie theater, that while watching the movie, she could order food! Not only was popcorn and candy available, there was also  a variety of dinner entrees.

“I got to eat cheese quesadillas, and honestly it made the movie so much better! I really wish there was one around here. I can’t wait to go back next summer when I visit my family again.”

These types of theaters aren’t very common anymore, but back in the 1970s they were a trend.


Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.27.34 AM

After seeing the movie Reanna had some fun in the snow while it was an eye lash freezing -17 degrees!


These few students all look forward to what the next break has in store and hope to have new adventures and experiences. If you have any interesting stories about what you did over break and would like to share it with your Out-of-Door community you can contact any staff writer.

Here is to a New Year and new experiences.

Happy New Year Thunder Nation!