Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Running to the mall at two in the morning to get that new pair of shoes may seem like an annual tradition for many, but why is everything so cheap after Thanksgiving?

Black Friday started in the 19th century when store-sponsored parades were popular. The very last attraction in the parades were Santa Claus showing that the holiday shopping season has officially started. Shoppers took advantage of that and stores began to catch on by making their stores more appealing with sales. Today, shoppers take it to the extreme by lining up outside of their favorite stores for days! The best buy on University Parkway had a tent already on the Monday before Black Friday.

Junior Reanna Gregory went to Ellenton at midnight for the best deals. She says “I snatched a dress out of a ladies hand and almost got in a fight over parking spots.”

Stores across the country are practically giving away clothes for business. You can find 20% to 70% almost anything you can think of.

Following Black Friday is Small-Business Saturday that encourages shoppers to patronize small and local businesses. This started in the year 2010 when American express founded the holiday.

The last major sales day after Thanksgiving is Cyber Monday persuading shoppers to buy online. Free shipping and promotion codes are the most popular sales on Cyber Monday.

If you missed out on these amazing opportunities, there are still sales going on from now until Christmas so make the most of them!