Want a Present Besides Christmas/Hanukkah Gifts? Go Geocaching!

Want a Present Besides Christmas/Hanukkah Gifts? Go Geocaching!

With a long break approaching, you may soon face the effects of boredom. Instead of doing the usual activities like watching movies or sleeping, how about you try something new, go out into the world, and geocache.

Geocaching is basically an outdoor treasure hunt using GPS devices in order to find various objects. Once you find the cache, the secret hidden treasure, you can leave the treasure for a future cacher or replace it with something else of equal or greater value for a fellow geocacher to discover.

In order to begin your Geocaching experience, consider visiting the official geocaching website, CLICK HERE,  to sign up for a free membership. The membership offers extra features, more detailed mapping, and more to enhance your geocaching experience.

Next, you must search your postal code in order to find coordinates where you could look for the treasure. Then, you program the coordinates into a GPS device or use your iPhone app and begin looking

If you don’t want to sign up for a membership, you can still participate by going along with someone who has the app and coordinates. You can even download the geocaching app yourself on your mobile device and track the object through your phone.

Once you find the hidden geocache, share your story with photos to your online logbook, so others can read about your experience.

Some who have tried geocaching say that it is a fun activity to do alone or with friends and family.

“I don’t know how to explain Geocaching. You have to find something. When I went geocaching, I was back in Canada. We had a GPS device with the coordinates of the object. Although we couldn’t find it because my teacher found it on the internet, it was a good experience,” says fresham,  Nicole Petron.

Others have no clue what is is, but are interested in learning more about the game.

“At some point, my friend was obsessed with it,” says freshman, Anthony Varga.

So, when you’re bored over break, get out of your house and begin your geocaching, because you never know what you will find.


Here are the guidelines to the size of Geocache from Geocaching.com.     

Micro –  Tiny containers that most likely will only hold a log sheet, e.g. a film canister.

Small – Just big enough to fit a sandwich. Holds only a small logbook and small items, e.g. a small plastic container. Note: Please don’t put a sandwich in your gecoache.

Regular – Think shoe box. If you could fit a pair of shoes inside, you’re golden, e.g. an ammo box.

Large –  Think Bigfoot’s shoe box. If he could fit his hiking boots inside, it should probably be labelled as a Large, e.g. a 5 gallon bucket.