Turkey Bowl T-Shirts Stylize ODA Students

Turkey Bowl 2011

Turkey Bowl 2011

You have $20, an advisory full of creative minds, and a challenge to create the best Turkey Bowl shirts.

Each year, the excitement of Turkey Bowl begins with the talk of designing t-shirts. Every advisory is on a mission to create the best Turkey Bowl shirt, and beat all of the other advisories. In order to do this, students must get creative.

The average shirt includes a team name, which usually consists of a play on words or a catchy phrase including their advisor’s name, and an accompanying picture, of which could be a face, clip art, or even hand-drawn art piece.

“We wanted a simple and creative logo, so we made it.” says sophomore, Nam Hoang, who designed Ms. Giraud’s advisories shirts–bright orange tee shirts with a stencil of Ms. Giraud on them.

“Our Turkey Bowl shirts are a jersey tank. The shirt has a knight’s helmet on it with the ‘knights in shining armor’ on it because it’s for Mrs. Armor’s advisory,” says freshman, Megan Wiles.

Some advisories thought out-of-the-ordinary and decided to tie-dye their shirts. This idea is sure to give the shirts a unique edge.

“We made the shirts ourselves. I think they are much more creative and fun, ” says freshman, Chayse Kessous.

Other advisories keep their shirts a secret, so that on the day of Turkey Bowl, their big reveal makes them seem even grander. The students get very enthusiastic and some enjoy debating whose shirt is better.

Then, there are some advisories who are procrastinators, and wait until the last minute to start designing their shirts. Those make it easier for the competitive advisories to think their shirts are so great.

“My advisory hasn’t made them yet. I don’t really care about trying to get the best shirt, ” says sophomore Tyler Wenger.

Last year, some shirt creations were the Kozak Knights for Ms. Kozak’s advisory had a shield on them, the I-Pwn’s for ODA tech guru, Mrs. Barrett. Mr. Miller’s group had simply a plain white t-shirt.

No matter how your shirt comes out, or if you like it or not, you paid for it, so you might as well wear it around the house or for pajamas. Or if you are brave, wear it to the grocery store!

We all look forward to this year’s Turkey Bowl, especially the unofficial tee shirt competition.