Last Time to Shine


Filled with all the blood, sweat and tears, the last ODA football game sadly took place Thursday November 7th. It was held at the ODA fields and was the last time you could have seen your seniors in action.

This year, the Out-of-Door football team, did not have the best season. They finished with a 1-8 record. A key factor to this unsuccessful season dealt mainly with the vast amount of injuries. Periodically throughout the season there were more than five players hurt at one time. This caused for various communication issues and bad team chemistry. Had ODA had all their players healthy, there is no telling how the season would have actually played out.

Football Coach, Brett Timmons, said, “I think the last game of the season was a tail of two heads. First half the guys were kind of playing lethargic, listless and in the second half, we challenged them just to go out and have fun. They lost the game, but came out and won the second half. I think that was a good way to finish. I’m not upset about the way the whole season went. To me it’s a life lesson I think.”

“Sometimes we forget that the athletic fields are an extension of the classroom and so you learn how to handle adversity. I think our kids got a life lesson on how to handle adversity. Sometimes things don’t go your way and it’s how you respond to those situations that define who you are. Not everything is going to go your way. You got to learn how to compete and how to play with the cards your dealt.”

“Do I believe we could have won more games with injuries? I do, but injuries are just a part of the game. But even with the kids we have out there today competing and doing what they did, I mean to me, even though our record doesn’t show it, was a success. I think we will have a better year next year. You either get better or you get worse, you don’t stay the same.”

“I think this year was a wake up call for a lot of guys to know that you can’t just role up out of the bed and try to compete. You have to work. While you are resting and while you are sleeping, the competition is working. We got to learn that, we got to stay on the grind and work because you will either be the hunter or the hunted.”

The emotions of the players during this last game really sparked the team’s competitiveness and heart for the game. It created a better team chemistry and ultimately made them play better as a team. The players let it all hangout on the field. Although the emotion was strong throughout the game, it was even stronger after. The seniors have played their last game, and it was upsetting.

Senior Max Provost said “It was upsetting to know I’m done with ODA football forever. It took awhile for it to sink in. I really wish we could of had a better season. I do congratulate all the boys for there effort though. I’m going to miss you guys.”

Regardless of their record or skill level, they never gave up and played as hard as they could every game. It was upsetting with all their hard work that no one came out to support them. The stands were basically empty every game. Next year get off your lazy bums and come out to support! Come on, support your community!