Put Some S.A.S.S in Your Class

(Left to right) Junior, Emma Henson, Seniors, Adil Shariff, Natalie Chait, Emily Camire, Ellie Kimmel

(Left to right) Junior, Emma Henson, Seniors, Adil Shariff, Natalie Chait, Emily Camire, Ellie Kimmel

How would you like a FREE tutorting system? Well now you have access to one just at the tip of your fingers!

Out-of-Door students in the National Honor Society (NHS) are ready to help students “Put some sass in their class.” They have created, “S.A.S.S.” which stands for Students Assisting Students Studying.  The club members have worked to create a tutoring system for the student body so they have access to free assistance in any classes they need.

The NHS members have set up email accounts for each subject, (literature, language, math, science, and history) so if a student needs help with a particular class they can send an email to one of five email accounts. The emails will be organized by subject. For instance, if you are looking for some help in your Honors Algebra II class, you would email [email protected] The same will hold true for any other subject.

The emails are monitored by NHS members so when a student emails a subject, the email is forwarded to a select group of students who have volunteered to assist in the specified subject. An NHS member will respond through his or her own ODA Thunder account if they feel they could be of assistance to the particular students.

Remember: When emailing in order to receive help, make sure to include your free periods/ study halls or times that you are available to meet so the NHS members can accommodate you.

NHS Member, Josh Simon, says that he hopes “Students will take advantage of the program because students didn’t use the program we had set up last year.”

Senior, NHS officer, Emily Camire, says, “We want it to be another resource for people to think about…I also think it is nice for students to have another perspective on the subject they need help with.”

As of now, the system is open for all students to use. So, if you are slumped on a lesson, not to worry, SASS is here to help. If there are any further questions, you can ask any NHS member. Go put some sass in your class Thunder Nation!