Turkey Talk Goes Downhill


When November comes along, all that students are really talking about is Turkey Bowl.  One full day of fun and games, with a little dash of competition and sportsmanship, how could it get any better?

This year Student Council has taken the Turkey Bowl experience to a whole new level.  In addition to participating in mini football games out on the fields, there will also be activities in the gym. As the school grows in population, preparations for a more successful Turkey Bowl must be made.

Student council representative Reanna Gregory says “This year’s changes are based off of the opinions of other students who aren’t as athletically inclined as others.” The school believes this is a good way to include all ODA students in one fully day of Activities.

The new activities were designed specifically so students and faculty do not have to sit in the hot sun waiting for other teams to finish their games. In the past couple years, students have complained about the rest time, and how they wished they didn’t have to wait to play. To clarify perceptions, the events taking place in the gym are not solely trivia activities and solving puzzles. The day will be on the field with some indoor fun!

Student council has come up with a new event called “Brains vs. Brawn”. They will institute new games located inside the Thunder dome, in an effort to keep everyone entertained throughout the dull parts of the day.

The new games that will take place in the gym, and are supposed to remain a  surprise. The ODA student body should hear more information about the changes as we get closer to the event!

Leaders of the student council have organized the event by grade. One grade at a time will be playing football on the field. This allows two fields to be used as apposed to one field as it was in previous years.  This should speed up the process and be more productive for students and faculty.

Even though these ideas seem logical and beneficial, it has caused an uprising of negativity.

“I’m not really sure if I like the new Idea, I wish it was still the traditional Turkey Bowl where you can bond with your advisee the whole day.” Senior, Lauren Maxey says “One of the best parts of Turkey bowl is just hanging out with your friends and sharing lots of laughs. With this new game idea, we wont be able to do that as much.”

Junior, Joie Eckhard says, “I like the new changes, I think it will be exciting to see how everything works out!”

The football team may have a different perspective about the changes.

Sophomore, Trenton Radigan says, “I would rather have the old Turkey Bowl because the day is supposed to be all about football and not Trivia games, hence the word play in Turkey Bowl.”

“I don’t like the new Turkey Bowl format. There is no pint in having games inside because chances are the people who don’t like to play football are not going to show up anyways.” Sophomore, Cooper Newlin said, “We should use that extra time inside, to play more football games!”