Sickness Infects Students

Sickness Infects Students

Have you been noticing that tickle in the back of your throat? Or perhaps you have been feeling extra tired lately? Well you may want to stock up on some vitamin C quickly because sick season has arrived.

With the stress of PSAT’s and lack of sleep from the previous Homecoming weekend, students have been coming down with various symptoms.

Some are complaining of congestion and stuffy noses. This fact is clear as healthy students have to deal with the annoyance of hearing other students constantly blow their noses during class.

Another symptom that has shown up is coughing. Coughs are the worst to have because everyone can hear you hawk during class. It’s just as interrupting as talking or even singing during class.

The least obvious symptom is a fever, however, it can make you feel the worst.

If you have experienced any slight sign of a stuffy nose, cough, or fever, never blame it on allergies, and always go to Nurse Small’s office to ensure your safety.

To prevent ever having to deal with the sickness, here are some ways to stay healthy.

1. Avoid anyone who looks or is sick. Even though it may seem rude to move seats in the middle of class because someone is coughing in your face, remember it’s for the better.

2. Wash your hands or bring hand sanitizer. With a high school full of hungry kids and food, there is always a temptation to not to wash your hands before eating.

3. Get lots of sleep. Even though it may seem hard with sports, homework, and after school activities, you need to get at least eight hours of sleep. You will feel better and create a stronger immune system.

If you do end up sick, even with these tips, stay home and rest. Many kids go to school with a fever or cold and spread it to the rest of the class. It’s better to miss an important test than take it when you’re sick because you won’t be able to think clearly.

Don’t forget when you’re at school that there are millions of germs around you just waiting to infect.