Sophomores Travel Back to the Renaissance


Ever feel as if you want to travel back in time or to experience culture from many years ago? This past Tuesday, sophomores were able to do just that on their field trip to the Ringling Museum.

At approximately 10:30, students began their journey with lunch on campus.  They then boarded buses and proceeded to the museum to a whole new world of Renaissance art and culture.

Students had been recently introduced to the Renaissance in their history classes. This period is also known as a time of rebirth. The Renaissance was a significant time because it changed civilization to a more modern thinking country.

Since students had some background knowledge on the subject, they broke up into their advisories, for a more hands on experience with their personal tour guides. The tour they took was a Myths and Legends tour, which included some Renaissance art.

As they entered the museum, they came upon a huge courtyard and saw many statues of significant men from the Renaissance. The most exciting statue was one a broze casting from Michelangelo’s David. The statue is stationed at the very edge of the courtyard above waterfalls and surrounded by palm trees.

The groups continued inside to experience some painting from the time. Many students were able to recognize the characters and settings of the paintings. They were able to connect their study of both history and literature to the images on the tour.

Some of the paintings they saw included Achilles being Dipped in the River Styx, the Judgement of Paris by Ludovico David, and Still Life With Plates by Cristoforo Munari.

Many students enjoyed the field trip, and say that it is much better than being in classes.

After seeing many paintings and sculptures, sophomores headed back to the bus for a short ride back to reality on campus.

Thank you, ODA faculty, for incorporating the trip into the class experience.

Picture Credit: Ringling Museum Website