ODA Kicks Off Homecoming Week with a Bang

ODA Kicks Off Homecoming Week with a Bang

Homecoming week is a high school rite of passage nationwide that includes public displays of school spirit and crazy events. At ODA, the term “crazy events” is an understatement.

The Jeep Push is an old event that has not been around for the past few years, but is making its comeback. You may be wondering what is a Jeep Push, and it is exactly what is says. Two boys and one girl from each grade volunteer to push a jeep from one place to another. Whoever has the best time wins.

This event was scheduled for Monday, but was postponed due to the torrential downpour during lunch time. The Jeep Push finally took place on Thursday during lunch. Each grade took the Jeep Push very seriously. The sophomores won. The seniors came in second; the juniors came in third; and the freshmen came in fourth.

The bonfire is a traditional way of “heating up” the weekend. On Thursday, the whole school gathered in the back are around the lake for the bonfire. The cheerleaders performed a few cheers and stunts, and the crowd was full of energy. ┬áMany faculty members came out to show their support, and Mr. Brewer truly lived up to his unofficial title of “Director of Fun.”

Another old event making a comeback is the Mattress Race. Unfortunately, the event had to be re-scheduled this year due to deflating mattresses.

Also at lunch on Friday, there was a hot dog eating contest. Whoever could finish their hot dogs first earned Thundercup points for their grade. The winner of this contest was junior Angus Martin.

This past week was full of pep, and excitement. Junior Jade Bond (’15) said, “The events were exciting to watch, suspenseful, and funny.”

Bond went on to say, “I think the game will make it actually feel more like Homecoming, and pep rally excites us and gets us pumped.”

Overall, the student body enjoyed the events this week, and are looking forward to the Homecoming Family Picnic and the Homecoming dance.