Students Get Psyched for Spirit Week

Winners of the Dynamic Duo  Day contest.

Winners of the Dynamic Duo Day contest.

Who would have thought you’d see superheroes dressed up as tacos walking the halls of ODA?

This week ODA students are getting pumped up of for the big Homecoming game and dance this weekend. On Wednesday, as a part of spirit week at Out-of-Door, student’s dressed up for a “dynamic duo” themed dressed down day. There were Teletubbies, power puff girls, milk and cookies, and all other sorts of duos walking around campus. A common theme in the duos were superheroes. Many students dressed up as Batman and Superman.

At lunch a contest took place to see who had the best duo. The winners were a group of seniors, Josh Simon, David Whelan, Jonathan Furman, and sophomore, Kosta Malliaras, who dressed up as characters from the popular TV show, Duck Dynasty.

Thursday, students came to school decked out in red, white, and blue for America day, which most refer to as “‘MURICA”. Junior, Taylor Albano, said “I think this was one of the best themes for dress up days we’ve ever had.”  The winners of the America day contest were Seniors, Emily Camire, Zoe Genkin, and Quinton Fitzgerald, who dressed as an American Flag.

Students are now getting hyped for the homecoming football game Friday night under the lights dressing all out in blue and white to cheer for their Thunder Nation!