Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge


Trampolines and dodge ball… Doesn’t get much better than that! The craziest Thundercup event yet, Dodgeball night, was jumping on September 28th.  The event took place at the Lakewood Ranch Jumpin’ Fun Sports Center.

Jumpin Fun is a spectacular 26,000 square foot indoor trampoline park with over 13,000 square feet of trampoline jumping surface. There are a variety of activities including open jump, dodgeball court, foam pit, and basketball dunk.

Juniors Reanna Gregory and Christian Nold both attended the event. They both described the night as “amusing” and “enjoyable.”

“I hope we continue to do this next year,” said Reanna.

Sophomore Andrew Berg said, “I didn’t event play dodge ball and still had a good time. I Just hung out with people, jumping around on the open trampolines.”

This is the first year ODA has tried dodgeball night at the Jumpin’ Fun Center. It used to take place in the ODA Thunderdome.

Mr. Brewer, head of Thundercup said, “I liked the change. Was it better? Better is a tough word but I do believe it was more fun. Although, I do think the overall event was better because if you weren’t playing dodge ball, you still had something to do. You could jump around or you could just be hanging out with people. You were always doing something. When we did it in the gym and your team was not playing, you just kind of sat around. Overall, I think the event was better because there was just more stuff to do. It was more inclusive and more people came, not just to play dodgeball.”

Before the event started all the seniors dressed up as superheroes because superheroes supposedly always win.  Their logic paid off, as they would end up taking home the victory. It was electrifying when they won; they went crazy screaming and jumping up and down.

“It was a great feeling. We came out and we did what we needed to do. We really feel like we are going to win thunder cup this year.  The superheros will always triumph!” said senior caption, Max Mann.

The sophomores close behind came in second while the juniors trailed towards the back placing 3rd.

Thunder cup standings: seniors in first; freshman in second and juniors and sophomores tied for 3rd.

If Jumpin’ Fun is still open next year, ODA will most likely continue a new tradition of dodgeball night here. If you missed, maybe you’ll consider it for next year.