Spirit Week Cut in Half

Spirit Week Cut in Half

Ever year, students look forward to the Homecoming festivities. Traditionally, there has always been five days of dressing up, a Homecoming game on Friday night, and a dance on Saturday. This year, when student council announced that Spirit Week would only be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, there was some uproar from some students.

Here’s the plan for Spirit Week:

Monday: Uniform

Tuesday: Uniform

Wednesday: Dynamic Duo: Match your outfit with one person or more.

Thursday: America Day: Wear red, white, and blue.

Friday: School Spirit Day: Wear school colors.

The loss of Monday and Tuesday as dress up days has upset some students. They want to stick with tradition and have five days of dressing up.

“I’ve never experienced Spirit Week before, however, it upsets me that I can’t dress up on Monday and Tuesday,” says Olivier Bellanger, ’17.

“I wish we could have more dress up days and fewer polo days,” says Amad Brayboy, ’17.

“I wish I could have a pajama day,” says Cammy Harris, ’15.

The reason for this change is to save the two dress up days for different days throughout the semester. Some students dislike this idea because they like to have the days during Homecoming Week when they know there will be celebrations at the game.

Some other students express some indifference about the change. “It doesn’t affect me,” reflects Sydney Avery.

If you’re one of the students upset about the change, remember you can have your voice heard at a Be the Change meeting. These meetings are held every last Friday of the month in Ms. Frye’s room.

Please remember the school’s policy on dress down days of all kinds as you plan your outfits for next week. Thank you, Quinton Fitzgerald, School President, for the reminders:

  • no sleeveless shirts
  • no “sketti” straps
  • no cleavage
  • no flip flops
  • no clothes that are too tight or too loose

See you next week!