A New Soccer Player Storms ODA

A New Soccer Player Storms ODA

Have you ever walked through a crowded hallway trying to find a classroom in a chunk of unfamiliar buildings? This is a feeling lots of new students feel on the first day walking into a new high school. Kaitlyn Eckart (’15) is a new student who transferred here from San Antonio, Texas. She moved here because her father, who was a cardiologist in the Army, got a different job in Florida. Kaitlyn describes herself as quiet and fun loving. However, most importantly, she talks openly abut her love for soccer. She started playing in kindergarten and the sport sparked a fire within her.

Since that year in kindergarten, Kaitlyn has never stopped loving the game. She plans on playing defense for ODA’s soccer team in the winter season.

Kaitlyn says,“I can’t wait to get more involved at ODA socially and athletically.”

If you’ve ever been a new student you know just how hard it is to get involved in a new school, let alone junior year in high school. When asked about her favorite part of the Out-of-Door Academy community was she answered:

“The sense of community is overwhelming. Everyone is willing to be there if needed. Teachers are willing to go out of their way if some help is needed. The fact that within the first couple of weeks people were asking me how my day was, not only surprised me but also made me feel like a part of the ODA family.”

Outside of school and soccer though Kaitlyn also enjoys photography. She most enjoys taking pictures of nature and of her friends. Some of her friends even described her work as her secret talent.

On behalf of all the students and teachers at ODA, Welcome home, Kaitlyn.