Thunder Gets a Bath


You may have noticed that for the past three days, there has been constant rainfall and thunderstorms. ODA students both at the Siesta Key campus and at Lakewood Ranch are having to deal with the annoyance. Even though the Lakewood Ranch campus isn’t completely flooded like Siesta Key, but students are still feeling the impact of the weather.

“I’m actually bringing an umbrella to school today. It’s a thing,” says junior Franciso Marcano-Santos.

With tons of puddles outside, why not have some inside. In the Thunderdome, there has been many leaks through the roof. Some students have fallen and slipped. Jordan Towsley says that she didn’t realize there was a puddle before she slipped, an elegant and graceful fall.

With the dark and gloomy sky, it looks like it is night time. Not only are students more tempted to take a nap, but with many tests and quizzes, the sky can even be depressing.

Not only can the weather affect one’s mood, but with every student owning a Mac, extreme caution needs to be taken so that no one drops one in a puddle or gets it wet.

For Juniors and Seniors, walking to your car is like taking a shower.

“I used to like rain, and I used to to like that it was cloudy, and I ¬†want to cuddle in bed, but recently, I can’t get dry. My feet are always soaked. But I hope the sun will come out tomorrow, ” says junior Oliver Tannheiser.

You have to sprint in the open rain, hoping that you don’t get soaked or struck by lightning, and then run back as fast as possible, all while making sure you don’t get run over by parking lot traffic.

Teenage drivers can be very dangerous, especially in the rain when they can’t see and have no idea what they’re doing.

All of these issues may be troublesome, but we are the thunder, and we can strike back in a few ways.

Make sure to bring an umbrella, wear your rain boots, and learn to enjoy the rain. You can even go tubing on the roads or go for a swim on the sidewalk.

Picture Credit: Lower School Photographer. Image posted on ODA website.