Convocation Captures the Hearts of ODA

As Convocation day comes to a close, many parents, students, and faculty walked out of the Thunderdome smiling. Whether you enjoyed the cuteness of the lower school students singing their songs to the seniors, or observing the many gifts of service given on behalf of the seniors, one would say this year’s Convocation was a great one. What many people don’t realize when enjoying the wonderful day is the amount of work put in to make it that way.

There is a lot of effort put in to making the day possible.  Ordering programs, organizing where the lower school students go, placing balloons, hanging decorations, establishing speaking lineup, and the famous school picture are just a few of the things that need to be organized before the day even happens. Ms. Evans and Ms. Barrett are a big part of making the day run smoothly.

Every year Ms. Evans even recruits about 10 students to help do things like hold the doors and usher people to where they need to go. As a bonus, the students who helped this year were allowed to sit in the bleachers instead of on the floor.

Overall this year’s Convocation was one of the best.  We even got a surprise visit from a goat and a South Eastern Guide puppy!  On behalf of the students, thank you to all the faculty and staff that worked so hard to make Convocation an all-around wonderful day.