Savannah Jones Adapts to a Big Change

Savannah Jones Adapts to a Big Change

Savannah Jones had been home schooled her whole life up until this year when she joined the junior class. She explained that homeschooling was very relaxed and laid back but lonely because she only had her sister with her. The only other way she interacted with other kids her age was through tennis lessons.

Savannah was home schooled from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. each day with one teacher for the whole day. At first, the reason for being home schooled was to allow her time to for competitive gymnastics which she played up until fourth grade. When she got older, she made the switch to tennis. Savannah explained that the only challenges of adapting to full time school at ODA is the fact that she’s never spoken in front of a class.

When asked what the best part of home school was, Savannah says, “being able to go out for lunch or run errands when need be,” was the best part.

The idea of coming to ODA came from her aunt and uncle. Her uncle introduced her to the school and allowed her to live with them while she attends ODA. Savannah’s parents and her sister still live in Orlando. At first she was extremely opposed to the idea of moving away to go to school, but then she checked out the website and fell in love with the school.

The thing that surprised her most about coming to ODA was how helpful everyone was. “I thought high school was supposed to be the worst time of your life, but I don’t see that at all.”

Right away Savannah found ways to start fitting in. This summer she made the ODA varsity volleyball team . She explains that she likes team sports better than individual sports. “I enjoy team sports because of the chemistry. [The team is] very in-sync, and we work really well together.” She plans to play for the ODA tennis team in the spring.

“Our grade is really close, and it really feels like family here.”

Welcome, Savannah. We’re glad you’re here.