Seniors Set Up Camp

Seniors Set Up Camp

Lauren Maxey knew studying while lying on the quad, the main focal point of the upper campus, would draw attention. A couple of senior students set up a tent along with multiple chairs for their fellow senior classmates to relax in.

Not only did seniors set this tent up, but it is theirs, seniors’, not freshmen’s, sophomore’s, or junior’s.

To assert their seniority and possibly start a tradition, they ate their lunch and studied under this tent. Although it may seem like a simple showing of pride, this means a lot to many of the seniors.

Senior, Lauren Maxey shares, “I feel like a true senior. I love hanging out with my friends, especially Jenna Landis. We hope to make this a senior tradition in the future.”

Lauren spent most of her free period with Jenna Landis and Jeremy Herrin under the tent.

“I love being so close to nature,” says Jenna. “The senior quad is one of my favorite senior privileges and to be able to spend so much time out here is really nice.”

In the past, this, along with many other privileges have been granted to the senior classes throughout the years. Some other privileges include having the opportunity to leave campus for lunch on Tuesdays, claim the gazebo as another seniors only zone, and go home early if they have a free period at the end of the day.

The privilege of the quad, however, is not typically observed until later on in the year. The student body, however, tends to recognize this privilege early and obeys the seniors only rule of access.

Jeremy Herrin also said, “It’s nice being in the shade on the quad for once instead of sitting in the hot Florida sun.”

The class of 2014 is not only making a statement to the underclassmen, but starting their senior year off with a bang.

The senior class will enjoy their final year at The Out-of-Door Academy under the sun.