The ODA Bolt Goes 21st Century

Wondering where you can find the voice of the student body and the news of campus, the news ODA students want to know? If you haven’t noticed yet, the school paper, the ODA Bolt, won’t be a page turner that rattles the sound waves in study hall or that students hand out once a month. No, your student paper is entirely online.

The ODA Bolt was first launched as an online paper by History teacher, Mr. Sommers, in 2010. Since then, the staff writers have been working hard to develop the paper as the online voice of the campus. If you are interested in following our stories more closely, sign up to have The Bolt’s RSS feed go straight to your email, the best way to stay up-to-date with the latest news stories.

In recent years, The Bolt has sought ways to expand its online presence. Today, the use of social media to consume and create information has become a prominent teenage trend. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are the popular social media sights being used by students.

The staff writers have created Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages for the Out-of-Door community to “follow” and “like.” The goal is for students to become more invested in keeping up with news going on in the ODA community.

The Twitter account will be updated with sporting events, activities going on around campus, and general school news. On Instagram, pictures of events taking place will be posted. All people involved in the ODA Community are welcome to follow The Bolt’s social media pages. And we promise NOT to follow you back.

The Bolt staff have all agreed that it is important for students to maintain their privacy. Because of this, the paper will not follow any students pages. Students are more than welcome to tag @theodabolt on any of their posts on Instagram or Twitter, in which case The Bolt will be able to “like” any Instagram posts, or “favorite” or re-Tweet any Tweets.

The Bolt is looking forward to reaching out to the community using social media, and giving the students an opportunity to become more involved in their school news paper. Journalists covering sports this fall have already begun to Tweet game results and highlights to local media such as the Observer.

If you wish to follow, or like any of The Bolt’s up and coming social media pages here is what to search:

Twitter: @ODABolt

Instagram: @theodabolt

Facebook: The ODA Bolt

See you in the digital dimension, Thunder Nation.