Honor Council Dramatizes the Issue for Student Body

The time for Honor Council elections has come! Today during Ovation Mr. Lebras and Ms. Fafalios performed a skit about cheating. The skit explained what is cheating, and the different ways to violate the honor council. It was both funny and informing.

Mr. Singer and Ms. Walsh also performed a skit explaining to the student body situations that they might not even think was cheating. The problem in the past with the honor code was that students didn’t really understand what was a violation.

There was also some confusion last year whether or not the Conor council decided the disciplinary action of the accused student. The Honor Council does not decide the punishment of the student.

They find out the details of the situation from both the student’s and teacher’s point of view. They then come to a decision with the intention of making sure the accused student learns that what they have done wasn’t right, and take it to Ms. Dougherty, Mr. Seldis, and sometimes Mr. Mahler.

In the end, the best way to resolve the problem is left to the Head of School. Interested in becoming part of the Honor Council? Sign up to be a candidate and prepare your speech. See Ms. Frye for details.