Lets play some B-Ball on da Court


Outside the Gym, a new addition has been added for some outdoor fun. Over the summer, ODA had a giant pavilion placed just outside the gym; loads of concrete laid and basketball nets were put in. The building was put in for necessity in aid of the middle school. The heads of middle school were aiming for something close to the middle school and a building to call their own.

The pavilion is used from eight to three for Middle School PE class. Middle school students have also been enjoying the basketball court after school too.

Mr. Brewer director of fun said, “It’s a nice addition, I feel that it was a good investment. It gives students a new place to go. Also it helped with the over flow of middle school sports.”

Alessandro Ciaccio an eighth grader said “I like the shade so it’s not that hot.”

Drew Bavaro, also an eighth grader, said “I liked that there is a covered basketball court closer to the middle school.”

For most of the high school, however, many students don’t get a chance to use the court. Students from the high school have said they would like to use it during their free periods, but have not been allowed because of middle PE class.

Coach Hawkes, ODA coach  and teacher said, “it’s very helpful to the middle school. It helps space out our PE classes since we have a high school class and a middle school class in the the same period. I have no downsides to the building.”

As a whole the court has served as a solid addition for all the sports to use as a practice field when the rainy weather comes around. Upper school students look forward to new additions that are soon to some.