Getting My Braces Off

Getting My Braces Off

In 2008, a statistic by the American Association of Orthodontics showed that 78% of 4.8 million Americans have had braces. Wow! Have you had braces?

I had braces. In fact, I just got them off a few days ago. I had braces for a longer than average time. Most people have their braces for a few months. I had mine for years!

A lot of people complain that braces are the worst and that they hurt a lot. That statement is not fully true. My braces were tolerable. People make them sound much more worse than they really are. When I first got them, I was nervous because of all the horror stories I heard, but then I realize people like to exaggerate. When I first got them, my teeth and gums were a tad bit sore, but nothing to severe that a strawberry milkshake from McDonald’s couldn’t fix.

I didn’t run into any awkward stereotypical braces situations like having your first kiss and getting your braces stuck. I didn’t even have the metal detectors at the airport go off because of my braces. The only awkward situation I ran into was getting my braces stuck to my sweater and ripping the sleeve while trying to detach it. It wasn’t as awkward as it was sad. I really liked that sweater.

I chewed gum, bit my nails, ate apples, and pretty much did everything on the “Do Not Do Or Else Your Braces Will Break” list. Guess what everyone? My braces never broke. I guess I just have mad skills.

To be honest, getting my braces off was worse than getting them on. But it was mind over matter. I was afraid that my teeth were going to fall out. They didn’t and the process really didn’t hurt.

My favorite part of getting them off was getting x-ray images done. I love seeing my bones. However, I learned that I need to get my wisdom teeth out. Well, shoot.

I threw up and cried a little while getting impressions done for my retainer. No need to fear, braces wearers, I just have an abnormally sensitive gag reflex. Surely there’s a name for that, but I actually don’t know.

Don’t fret about getting your braces on or off. It will be so worth it in the end. Just how straight my teeth are! Even if you’re stuck wearing them for months or years, braces are so worth it in the end!