7th and 8th Graders Adventure off on their Minimesters’


Drew Fineberg, Staff Writer

It’s getting towards the end of the school year and for high schoolers that means exams. Middle schoolers, however, get to go on trips. The 7th grade gets to go to Sea Camp and the 8th grade gets to go to Washington D.C.

For Sea Camp, students take a bus down to the Keys where they learn all about the sea life, including how to snorkel! While in the Keys, students take boats out to the deeper waters and search for crabs and other sea urchins. The kids stay in cabins with friends of choice which is actually one of the best parts of the trip. It’s not everyday you get to bunk with your best friends without your parents. In classroom labs and out on the water, students see and learn things about all different kinds of fish, sea creatures and even sharks! This trip is a real-life experience. Even if you are not a big fan of the ocean, it is very easy to have fun at Sea Camp!

D.C. is another very fun trip to go on and instead of living in cabins like Sea Camp you get to stay in hotels. This trip is very life changing especially if you have never been to Washington. Students visit all the monuments and special places in D.C. including the White House. Even though there is some work that you have to do, walking around all day with your friends is very fun. Visiting all of the government buildings and all of the other stuff they have is truly life changing and I’m sure all the high schools will agree.

Both of these trips are great and most high schoolers wish they could go back to those days. Be sure to ask a middle schooler about one of these trips. Both will return to school next week!