Feeling Artsy Today?

Feeling Artsy Today?

Leslie Garasic Prepares for Arts Day

Max Provost, Staff Writer, Sports Page

Every year, the Out-of-Door Academy has hosted Arts Day, its annual showcase of the year’s art work. On display is the artwork of many students. The art varies from class to class from Ceramics, Painting, Drawing, Photography, 3D art and includes work from all divisions. Every art student looks forward to this day, a day to showcase their hard work for both parents and students.

Since this past Monday, teachers and students from pre-K all the way to 12th grade have been compiling their works in the ultimate goal of creating an incredible show. The Arts Day exposition will be displayed in the Thunderdome. In preparation for the day, plants and benches have been set up to give that real “artsy” feel.

Some arts need to have a computer to be displayed therefore the faculty have displaced two desktop computers. One of the computers will have the Art Foundation works and the other will have the Advanced Computer Graphics work on it.

Mrs Leslie Garasic, Upper School Arts Teacher, has been working on making Arts Day another memorable experience. She has put much of her time into it. She says its something that she looks forward to every year as an Arts teacher, she claims that  “it’s our finale, it’s our last hoorah.”

Mr Madres, Upper School Arts Teacher, says that “it’s all new for me, but it really seems like an interesting way for the students to show off what they have been up to in class.”

Be sure to come to the Thunderdome at 1:00 on Saturday to catch up on all the artwork made by all students of the Out-of-Door Academy. The Jazz Band and will also be playing music for your entertainment. The day’s events end at 7:00.