An Easter Seals Tradition Hits a Strike


Abby Bannar and Francisco Marcano

Cassandra Ratzlaff, Editor

In the United States, Canada, Australia, and Puerto Rico, one million families struggling with autism and other disabilities take refuge at Easter Seals. The nonprofit organization provides services, therapies, and treatments to both children and adults who have special needs.

Many of you have become familiar with Easter Seals through an English project in sophomore English. In the project, students are paired with someone who attends Easter Seals.  Through a series of three interviews, ODA students must learn the life story of their Easter Seals partner. Though communication can be a hindrance, the difficulties that you may face are worth it.

After your meetings, you will put together a gift of your choice that represents your journey with your buddy. One of the most rewarding experiences will be presenting your gift. You will remember this project forever, taking what you’ve learned and who you’ve become closer to with you.

Sarah Wilcox 14′ felt that her project last year with Easter Seals was a life changing event. She said, “it was great to interact with people you don’t normally interact with. They were all very sweet and I am glad to have been a part of it.” For her project, Sarah and her partner made a poster board with drawings that they and her buddy drew together.

On May 3, the class of 2015 unveiled their gifts to their Easter Seals friends. While everyone ate and bowled, ABC 7 showed up! 10th grade English teacher Ms. Giraud, wanted everyone to know the amazing things ODA students were doing and asked Ms. Droski if she had any connections. Luckily, she did! A reporter came to the session and interviewed Ms. Giraud and took some footage of the kids at play.

Scarlett Raven 15′ said, “It was such a fantastic experience. I think it was a very important project to do because it really broadened peoples’ views.”

The 10th grade classes and Ms. Giraud have been participating with Easter Seals for three years. Each year has been successful and has provided tremendous insight into these young adults lives. The Easter Seals’ kids were pleased and excited to have been able to partake in the activities. To future sophomores, look forward to this project, you do not want to miss it.