After Prom Hypnotizes ODA Students

It’s almost midnight. Prom has just ended, but the fun night has not. ODA students head to the after prom party! Not many schools have a post party for students to enjoy even after the dancing has stopped. Here at ODA, however, students attending prom were able to dance some more, relax with their friends, and even become spellbound by a hypnotist.

Lauren Maxey,’14 says, “The best part was the hypnotist because it was different from last year, and many people who normally wouldn’t do anything went up and basically made a fool of themselves.”

In addition to the hypnotist, students could enter raffles where they could win TVs, trips to Universal, or even tickets to Rays games.┬áSamantha Albano, ’13, won a TV and a camera, and former student, Matt Murphy,’14, won a trip to Universal, along with tickets to a Rays game.

If students got hungry from so much dancing, they dined on pizza, chicken wings, and more.

After a long day, ending at 3 A.M, students hopped on shuttles, went home, and slept.

This year’s after party was better than last year, so who knows what next year’s will be like. Join the Prom Committee if you want to get more involved.