The Bolt Says Goodbye to Fellow Journalists


Seniors Amanda Navarro and Stephani Spindel

Adil Shariff, Staff Writer

Well, the seniors’ last day is here, and it is time for seniors to head off and start their internships. Though most of the day was spent sliding down the Slip-and-Slide standing proudly in the Quad, it was officially their last day.

The Bolt has two senior writers that are heading off to college in just a few short months: Amanda Navarro and Stephani Spindel.

“It has been a pleasure working for The ODA Bolt with my classmates/writers-in-crime. Journalism has definitely been an enjoyable experience and has encouraged me to continue writing in college.” says Amanda.

“It has been an honor working as Editor alongside this creative and insightful staff. I will miss my time at The Bolt greatly. A special thanks to Ms. Giraud for helping me grow both as a writer and as a woman,” says Stephani.

We will miss you so much, and we wish you the best of luck at your internships and in college!