Summer’s Sun Can Enlightens ODA Students

Marisa Bregg, Staff Writer

With today the last day of school for Seniors, and only four weeks for Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors, the thought of summer is in the air. We still have to get through finals, but the prize of a three-month vacation is so worth it. Though you might not think so now, with ninety days of summer, you may get a bit bored.  If you want to make this summer a good one, here are some brilliant ideas to keep you entertained.

The first idea is a summer camp. Summer camps are classic, and keep you motivated to wake up earlier than noon everyday. You can choose from many different ones that cater to your interests including sports, cooking, acting, or even overnight camps. ODA offers day camp, sports camp, specialty camp, and academic camp. If you’re a freshman, you can earn your credit for Personal Fitness and Life Management Skills. Some other ideas for sessions at ODA are theater camp, movie making, girls volleyball, training camp, soccer camp, lacrosse, tennis, and more. You can easily sign up by going onto the portal under Summer Programs. You might want to hurry up because spots are filling up. Stats, LMS, and Personal Fitness are already wait listed.

If you’re more of an adventurous person, you can look into going on a teen tour to various places. One option is Sea Trek, a two or three week retreat to various islands where you learn about sea life, diving, and explore the culture of the island.

If you want to save your money for next year’s tuition, consider taking an online course to prepare for next year and beyond. You can take a language, or perhaps a math course, and catch up on your classes so that you gain a high school credit. On Florida Virtual school’s website, you can choose from 120 courses, from Geometry to AP art history, and earn a credit on your own time. Another online course website is iTunes U. It’s free and you can work with professors from top colleges. Explore courses including Astronomy, Engineering and Technology, and even Health courses.

If all of those activities don’t interest you, you can just sleep all summer.